Posters and Flyers

This is the latest one I did. Chris Brown is the stock image.

Props to GoMedia for providing the water color designs.

Another event, i think the image on the bottom is like cuba or something. I cant remember where i found. it. Props to who ever put it together.

This is the first flyer that had the actual "underground productions" name on it. Although i had been doing the flyers two years before.

This is one of the original flyers that I had started with. Nice and simple, actually this one wasn't even used. It is still a proto-type.
The stock image is KJ-52.(its pronounced five two.)

I got the background from a Lyrics Born poster.
I was experimenting with some grunge. (before i knew about brushes and such.)

This was my first haunted house flyer. (and only.)


Underground Productions is a company that puts together concerts around northern utah, and surrounding cities.
I do a ton of flyers for them. (all for free)


Underground Productions


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